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Scholastic Art Awards:
      A well deserved big congratulations goes out to our Cincy art students who recently competed in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. This is a very tough competition. Ourstudents competed against 100 otherschools ... more >>

Cortland County Conservation Field Days:
Sixth graders enjoyed spending the day outdoors on September 18, during the Cortland County Conservation Field Days at 4-H Camp Owahta in Solon. A variety of science related topics were presented by natural resource ... more >>

Rainforest Fundraising Project:
Starting on November 25th the 10th grade students in Mr. Morrell’s biology class held a fundraiser to help protect the rain forest in Peru. The student’s had been learning about the rain forest and the deforestation ... more >>

Cortland County Youth of the Year:
Bethany, along with her parents, at the award ceremony.        On November 18 th , 2014, Bethany Ward received the 2014 Cortland County Youth of the Year award and also received an iPad mini as ... more >>

4th Grade Longhouses:
  The Longhouses are back and on display in the Fourth grade wing! The Fourth grade classes have been studying about the early Native Americans, also known as the Iroquois, or the Haudenosaunee, meaning the ... more >>

Fingerlakes Trail Fieldtrip:
           On October 3 rd the high school health class and the aquatic biology class took a field trip to the Finger Lake Trail. These students hiked for a total ... more >>
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