Main Line: (607) 863-3200

  • x1 Attendance
  • x2 Nurse
  • x3 Guidance
  • x4 Elementary Office
  • x5 High School Office
  • x6 Special Education
  • x7 Others
    • x1 District Office
    • x2 Business Office
    • x3 Personnel
    • x4 Athletics
    • x5 Cafeteria
    • x6 Building and Grounds
    • x7 Technology
    • x8 Teacher Center

Overview of Cincinnatus Central School's Administration, Faculty, and Support Staff:

Our educational team is committed to providing the youth of our community with sound values and a quality education. Cincinnatus Central School supports instructional improvement through attractive class sizes, a talented faculty and staff, attentive and instructionally focused administrators, and our own teacher center. Teachers at Cincinnatus have quality skills, integrity, and dedication, while being in a supportive community surrounded by an attractive rural setting with a commitment to children.

Cincinnatus Central School