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Goal 1: The students of The Cincinnatus Central School District will achieve academic excellence by demonstrating mastery level knowledge in the seven NYS standards [ELA, MST, The Arts, LOTE, SS, CDOS, PE/HEALTH/FCS] and proficiency in critical thinking, problem solving, team work, and communication.

Goal 2: The Cincinnatus Central School District will recruit, value, and retain people who are dedicated to children, embody the values and ethics of the District, and demonstrate the skills and competencies necessary to achieve the goals of the District.

Goal 3: The Cincinnatus Central School District will provide an optimal environment that is safe, nurturing, and a source of pride for students, staff, and community.

Goal 4: The Cincinnatus Central School District staff recognizes the important role of the parents and community and actively encourages their involvement in the educational process.

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Cincinnatus Central Schools
Mr. Steven V. Hubbard, Superintendent

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