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5th Grade Homework

February26th-March2nd, 2018

Subject/Date Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
ELA Finish rough copy of persusive essay
finish final copy of persusive essay

study vocabulary


test lesson 14

Math Exit Ticket 13
Compare fractions and mixed numbers
Mid-Module 3 Assessment will be Friday 2/16/18.
Practice making equivalent fractions at home.
Study Guide-Mid-Module 3:
Addition and Subtraction of Fractions 
Practice and study for Addition and Subtraction of Fractions assessment (Friday) Mid-Module 3 Assessment:  Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

Have a great winter recess!
Science   Quiz on Single-celled organisms on Friday Finish study guide   Quiz today
Social Studies KURTZ & PIERCE Homerooms:   KURTZ & PIERCE Homerooms:  

Latta Homeroom-Finish any station that you didn't in class
KURTZ & PIERCE Homerooms:  

Latta Homeroom-Southwest Tribes Worksheet
KURTZ & PIERCE Homerooms:

Complete up to question #40 in Inca packet 
KURTZ & PIERCE Homerooms: 




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