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6th Grade Homework

Week of May 21st - May 25th, 2018

Subject/Date Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Data Table & Dot Plot
None Lesson 4 None
Science None None Explain how Netwon's 3 Laws of Motion were used in classroom experiment    
Social Studies    finish Ancient India questions on page 199 if not finished in class      
Academic Lab

Multiplication/ Division Games
(links below)

Math Facts Practice
Username: first name
Password: math1234

Multiplication & Division
(link below)
Math Concepts
username: firstnamelastname (no capitals-no spaces between name)
password: mathlab (no capitals - no space)
Multiplication & Division
(link below)
 -Area of Triangles
 -Area of 
 -Area of Polygons
 -Polygons on the   
     Coordinate Plane
 -Volume of Right 
     Rectangular Prisms
-Nets & Surface Area
Math Facts Practice

Username: See me for this
Password: math1234

Multiplication & Division
(link below)

Math Mod 4 Website Link: