• Michael Stafford
    Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds
    (607) 863-3200 ext. 76

    Our Buildings and Grounds department is focused on maintaining the highest standards of teaching and healthy school learning environments. We support educational excellence through prudent management of resources. Our goal is to provide an optimal environment that is safe, nurturing, and a source of pride for students, staff, and community. 

    Facilities Use Request

    All facility use requests are completed online. The first step needed to make an online facility use request is to create a user account.

    First-time Users

    Be sure to complete all information fields and then click the submit button. If your registration was successful you will receive an e-mail confirmation. The video and Quick Start Guide below will provide additional information. Once your account is created you can start making facility reservations. Click the calendar icon below to reach the Login screen. The video and Quick Start Guide below will further explain the reservation process.

    Already Have an Account?

    MLSchedules Software Creating a User Account
    MLSchedules Software Submitting a Facility Use Request

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