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Cincinnatus Sophomore Lydia Scutt Honored as Junior Firefighter of the Year

Lydia Scutt and her father

Cincinnatus Sophomore Lydia Scutt, an honor roll student with a passion for community service, has been recognized as the Cincinnatus Junior Firefighter of the Year by the Cincinnatus Fire Department.

Raised in a family with a rich history in firefighting, Lydia's passion for service began at a very young age. “It’s just been a dream since I was so tiny,” Scutt said. “Helping people is a community thing. Being in such a small town, we are all friends. And you always help your friends.”

In emergencies, Lydia’s instinct to help is automatic, driven by camaraderie and compassion. “Cincinnatus is like one big family,” Scutt said. “In the fire department, we are basically caregivers to our family.” Lydia is continuing her family’s legacy in firefighting as she follows in the generations before her with the Cincinnatus Fire Department.

“It feels like it’s a legacy,” Lydia said.

Cincinnatus School would like to extend its heartfelt congratulations to Lydia for this incredible accomplishment!